Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Minute Easter Banner using my Sihlouette Cameo

Hello there, little loves!  

Can you believe it's already Easter weekend??  Seriously though, folks, why is this year in super-speed mode?!  At any rate, here I am with only a couple days to spare and realizing I'm not really accomplishing the whole being that "decorates for every holiday" mom that I had always hoped to be.  Lucky for me, my darling husband got me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas.  So last night I whipped up an adorable little bunny bunting banner with my girlies.  Any basic bunny shape would do the trick here, but having a Cricut or a Silhouette sure does make it easy :)

I cut out 12 of the design "Bunny Doll" by Sophie Gallow.  

I did not use the eyes, nose, or inner ears, just the body.  I sized them up to fit 2 per one Letter sized paper.  Then my littlest chickadee and I applied self-adhesive googly eyes and drew in noses and smiles (and eyelashes just because!).  Lastly, I glued simple text (size 144 font) to spell out Happy Easter (with a blank in between) on the tummies of the bunnies.

The easiest-total cheater move-of the project is that we literally just bent over all their ears and hung them across a fun confetti yarn!  You could do this with any bunny!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

sweet paper organizer station update

You guys, I am slow as a sloth when it comes to this whole new year new me thing (because we're almost through February, right?!?!?!).  However, I'm still truckin' a long little by little towards my goals of an organized better functioning home.  And naturally, part of organizing means buying fun new organizers :)  haha right?!?!  right, totally does.  

Here's a fun way you can update some already cute mail/paper station organizers from Target!

What you need:
Painters Tape
Xacto knife and/or precision tiny scissors
Spray paint (I used the gold metallics from Rustoleum, but only after about 3 weeks and one marathon send-a-million-picture-texts-to-the-bestie session of trying to narrow down which color[s] to use)

The real time comes from taping off the letters. I wanted to leave them their cool brushed steel gray so it had to be done. Because I wanted all of the basket to be gold, I had to painstakingly cut away little portions of the tape using an xacto knife and some tiny sharp scissors.  This took me about 30-40 minutes, but felt longer :P  

Once you're satisfied with your taping all you have to do is get your spray paint on :) 

And here they are in my kitchen all hung and ready to roll! 

PS did you notice that adorable key hook update?  That mini project took me all of 10 minutes (plus the agonizing time to let the paint dry).  You can easily disassemble the hooks from the base to paint!  They're super cheap and easy to find at any store!  

My next installment to this project will be a duo of cute shred and recycle bins to sit on the floor below!

Monday, February 17, 2014

so, are you watching The Mindy Project?

my honey and i are marathoning through season one of The Mindy Project these last couple of nights (it was randomly only $9.99 for the whole season on Amazon Prime the other night, not it is like $34.99 . . . not sure what was going on there but lucky us!!).  Anyways, it's fabulous!  We've both burst out laughing at some point in almost every episode.  If you're looking for a funny, lighthearted show to get hooked on, this is probably it :)

wrapping up valentines day

So, crazytown that we're already more than half-way through February!  If time could just slow down a smidge, that'd be great, thanks!  Anyways, slacker me is just now getting to sharing my valentines-y crafties here on the blog!  So BTW, Happy Valentine's Day!  

Y chose a pinterest inspired healthy snack robot to make her class.  They turned out adorable!  Thanks again, pinterest!  

A got to make valentines for her preschool class, and she chose these adorable fox treat holders compliments of my Silhouette.  They of course, had to be lavender.
As a silhouette newbie I couldn't resist adding her name as a cutout to the tail . . . mostly just because I could.  I felt like the addition of googly eyes really brought these little guys to life!  She was so dutiful while helping me glue all the pieces together and was VERY proud passing them out! 

I got my valentine crafty on by making a fun new batch of "I love you like _______"/"I love you more than _______" blocks.  I'm sorta thrilled with how they turned out! 

Magazine and Markers Art

So happy President's Day!  We've got big sis home from school today and even though the sun is shining, it is ridiculously windy out, so we've been inside all day.
As of late, I've had too high-yielding little artists, so these chicas would be happy to fall into their regular routine of mass producing marker/crayon pictures.  But today we jazzed it up a little by mixing in some magazine cut-outs as a jumping-off point and WOWZA did that create a thrill (I'm trying to soak in these moments where they're so easy to impress)!!  So file this away under rainy day or time-filler activities, mamas.  All you need are a couple fun faces/heads cut out from magazines and let your littles do the rest!

My girls literally spent hours creating these master-pieces and I've been inspired to keep a small stash of pre-cut heads/pics for them to access any time they need a little artsy inspiration!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elf Movie Painted Bathroom Mirror

Oh, hello there!  I'm back from all the Christmas shenanigans and ready for a new year of awesome crafty goodness for this blog but I had to share JUST ONE last Christmassy fabulousness with you guys, and it's a good one so I think you'll appreciate it.

I may have mentioned a time or two how much I love the movie Elf.  It's a total Christmas fave in our house and I actually couldn't even tell you how many times we watched it this season now that my girls aren't terrified of the raccoon hug and Central Park Ranger's scenes :)  My favorite part, being the random lover that I am, is Mr. Narwhal.  Bye, Buddy, hope you find your dad!  Seriously, that phrase might fall out of my mouth when leaving anyone anywhere at least on a weekly basis year-round (I know, I'm so cool sometimes!).  

So, this year I decided to amp my annual ugly sweater party up a notch and make it Elf themed.  So in a desire to insert fun elements of this movie all over my house I got the brilliant idea to paint my own favorite, Mr. Narwhal, on my bathroom mirror.  I am NOT an artist, but he's pretty basic shape and I knew if I looked at a picture I could probably figure it out!  PLUS, here's a fun tip if you want to give mirror painting a try: practice or outline your shapes with dry erase markers!  

I used cheap tempera paints from Wal-Marts craft section (less than $2 a large bottle that will probably last me forever!!) in blue, black, and white!  I mixed a little of a light grayish blue for the narwhal and some icy blue for the water.  

So fun, right??  I've "frosted" the bathroom mirror before last year, but this took it to a whole new level, and seriously, I don't know when I'm going to get the nerve to wash him off :)  (soon-ish, I promise!!).  But I can't wait to maybe paint up a different holiday movie favorite next year . . . or next birthday or holiday maybe?!  Commencing Valentine's Day Mirror Paint Brainstorm!

Hope your Christmas was nothing short of fabulous filled with lots and lots and lots of loved ones and laughter!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swan Surprise Ball: My Bestie's Happy 30th!

My other other half, my best friend, turned the big 3-0 recently and I wanted to give her a gift that was 30-rrific, fabulous and unique just like she is!!!  Which is not really possible, but what I did manage to get together turned out pretty cute-tastic and worth a share!

So, I'm not stranger to giving surprise balls, they're a total blast. If you're not familiar, it's basically when you wrap a bunch of small gifts into a ball using crepe paper streamers, one gift and color at a time!  The result is a beautiful colorful mess and anticipation as your recipient gets to unravel the presents one by one!  They're totally fun and you should totally try one for your next gift-giving situation!

But for Miss Carly, I knew I wanted to amp it up a bit.  It couldn't be JUST a surprise ball with JUST a few gifts.  It had to be SOMETHING and it had to have 30 gifts!!  Had to :)  Sooooo, naturally, I fashioned it into a swan :)  I remembered a pin from long ago of a vintage swan suprise ball: ultra fabulous!!  So after wrapping the 30 fabulous little gifties I'd collected into a ball of rainbow streamers, I gave it one last coat of white and then attached a cardboard tube neck with a floral wire head (pretty 2 dimensional but by just adding a little wadded up ball of streamers on each "cheek" as I wrapped it totally took on a head shape!).  Then I wrap wrap wrapped it some more in MORE white streamers!  When she was all done I glued on some feathers, drew some eyes and made a gold birthday crown and necklace with some glittered ribbon!

Almost too pretty to demolish!!

 . . . almost

Wondering what was inside?  Here's a little sneak peak at just some of the silly gifties I included (not all are kid friendly):

Image Sources and Links to buy :)
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