Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Summer Bucket List for Moms

Well, I brainstormed like crazy trying to come up with activities to make my kids' summer fun and memorable, and then I thought What about us Mamas? and so I decided to make a bucket list for us too (noticeably shorter!  I'll actually be crazy impressed if any of us accomplished half during the craziness of summer).  I know you're super crazy busy being a rockstar mama, but try and find some fun time for yourself to, you deserve it!! Enjoy!!

  • Go through everybody's clothes and get rid of at least 5 items each (try for 10!)
  • As a reward for completing the previous item, go shopping and buy everyone 1 new fun item for Summer!
  • Iced Coconut Latte(s)
  • Create a "Just Because" care package for a friend and send it in the mail
  • Pedicure with fancy flower painted on your big toe (it's weird how nice pretty toes make you feel)
  • Pick one laugh-out-loud show and via Netflix, Hulu, or DVDs watch it from the beginning (Last summer my husband and I watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother and finished just in time for the new season in the fall.  We'd watch a few episodes most nights after the kids went to sleep, lots of fun!)
  • Pick something from pinterest you've been dying to try and DO it!! I want to make these crock pot lotion bars!
  • Send the kids to Grandma's and have a board game night with friends (remember those?)
  • Wake up early and make these bunny pancakes for your kids, soak up the 5-10 minutes of feeling like a rock-star mamma until the next mess or crisis ;)
  • Throw a 1940s themed Dinner Party and dress the part
  • Make time to read the book you've had waiting in the wings for too long
  • Clean your fridge within an inch of its life
  • IKEA
  • Set up a weekly phone date with your BFF even if its only for 15 minutes (it's unreal how quickly time gets away from us when we're all busy, I'm so stoked to do this!)
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers at the farmers market
  • Tie Dye something
  • Track down your favorite childhood movie and watch it with your kids
  • Blow up a favorite ticket stub or envelop and make it art (coolest idea ever!)
  • Take your husband on a date to a local restaurant you have yet to try
  • Make a Prayer Request Board
  • Make a dry erase "I love you because  _________" Board
  • Have lunch with one of your playdate mom friends sans kids, enjoy the distraction-free chat time :)
  • Compile ultimate workout/crafting/cleaning playlists
  • Plan your Christmas card
  • Pick one bad habit and kick it to the curb!
  • Glitter something you bought at a thrift store/yard sale.  check!
  • Make this tomato pie using your summer tomatoes and try very very hard not to think about the fat content whilst eating (crazy delicious)
  • Make & Freeze Pesto Ice Cubes from fresh basil *last year when I tried this they lasted a week because it was so yummy!
  • Freezer Cooking Day
  • Put a crazy color in your hair (even if it's just a small strip)
  • Dreyers Coconut Fruit Bars

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