Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheapy Thrift Store Makeover: Glittered Candle Sconces

Got both my spray paint and my glitter on last weekend!

I found these fabulous little candle stick sconces at Goodwill for only $1.99 a piece, I'm sure you've seen something similar as you browsed a yard sale or junk store.  They're that cheapy lightweight plastic shaped like something super ornate and fancy and colored with a shiney tacky gold.  I've been eyeing Krylon's Glitter spray for awhile now, this was my excuse to buy some and give it a try.

Here's how I took them from tacky to fabulous:
I wiped these down before priming with a Rustoleum Primer.
Then did a couple coats of Krylon Cool Ocean Breeze (I'm in love with this color, seriously, buy some and spray paint anything with it!).
 I finished with a hefty coat of the Krylon Glitter Blast in blue.  The glitter darkened the color a bit.

To give them some visual weight I hot glued a small chunky glass vase (purchased at walmart for $1.69 each) to the top of the candle holder.

I am over the moon for how the Krylon Glitter spray looks, but it wasn't the most user friendly product.  I had problems with the can spraying just clear (no glitter) and then puking out a TON of glitter at once, and also it got stuck in the spraying position and I couldn't get it to stop.  I was also disappointed that I used up the whole can on just these two pieces (might not have been the case if I hadn't had the stuck-in-on fiasco :P haha). . . still though, the sparkle is worth the trouble and I'll surely use it again!

 ***My intention is to put these cute sconces on etsy . . . trying not to be too in love with them .  . . trying***

I'm now on the hunt for a mirror with this kind of frame.  I'm thinking a glossy banana yellow with clear crystal glitter.  Possibilities are endless and super addicting here, begin at your own risk :)

Fun Fact: I'm going to spray paint my fire place that Ocean Breeze color (sans the glitter) . . . yep, you heard me.

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  1. These turned out beautiful! I have used a LOT of the Ocean Breeze in my kitchen. Definitely my favorite spray paint color-next to gold.

    I've never used the glitter before-I am feeling a new project coming on!



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