Thursday, February 27, 2014

sweet paper organizer station update

You guys, I am slow as a sloth when it comes to this whole new year new me thing (because we're almost through February, right?!?!?!).  However, I'm still truckin' a long little by little towards my goals of an organized better functioning home.  And naturally, part of organizing means buying fun new organizers :)  haha right?!?!  right, totally does.  

Here's a fun way you can update some already cute mail/paper station organizers from Target!

What you need:
Painters Tape
Xacto knife and/or precision tiny scissors
Spray paint (I used the gold metallics from Rustoleum, but only after about 3 weeks and one marathon send-a-million-picture-texts-to-the-bestie session of trying to narrow down which color[s] to use)

The real time comes from taping off the letters. I wanted to leave them their cool brushed steel gray so it had to be done. Because I wanted all of the basket to be gold, I had to painstakingly cut away little portions of the tape using an xacto knife and some tiny sharp scissors.  This took me about 30-40 minutes, but felt longer :P  

Once you're satisfied with your taping all you have to do is get your spray paint on :) 

And here they are in my kitchen all hung and ready to roll! 

PS did you notice that adorable key hook update?  That mini project took me all of 10 minutes (plus the agonizing time to let the paint dry).  You can easily disassemble the hooks from the base to paint!  They're super cheap and easy to find at any store!  

My next installment to this project will be a duo of cute shred and recycle bins to sit on the floor below!

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