Friday, November 20, 2015

Autumn Owl Craft for Kids

Hi friends!  I'm just going to swoop past the fact that this is my first blog post in almost a year and a half and dive right back into some seasonal crafty fun, sound good? I think so too!
As a homeschooling mom (oh yah, that happened), I am often choosing what crafts and projects I want my kiddos to do. While we all know I LOVE me some glitter, glue, and construction paper, I have been trying to be more mindful of the longevity of these projects and try to include some cool ones that really can stand the tests of time (storage and style wise).  So when I was planning a fall party for my kids and their friends, I tried to think of something that could become a fun fall decoration rather than end up in next week's recycle bin (don't gasp, we're all guilty here).  

To make these owls you need:

  • Round Plywood Circles (if you have awesome log cuts, this would be way cooler, I just couldn't track them down in the size and price I wanted, the one's I got were in 6 packs from Hobby Lobby for less than $5)
  • Wood Stain
  • Cheap Forks (you can find 4 packs for less than a dollar at Walmart and I'm betting the Dollar Store)
  • Bottle Caps (I got mine in the scrapbooking embellisment section at the craft store--only 1 shown because all extras were quickly used up for doll plates and what not)
  • Coin sized wood slices (if you have access to some sticks and branches and a miter saw you can totally diy these . . . and take a moment to soak in the awesomeness that comes with using the power tool sans assistance)
  • 4" Wood slice cut down the middle (to make wings)
  • Strong Glue (E6000 Craft Adhesive is my fave but use caution with kids)
  • Nuts would have made cooler eyes but we just sharpied
  • Twine

Pre-kid Prep:

  1. Cut handles off forks and file down any sharp or jagged edges (i used gardening clippers, those cheap forks are pretty flimsy and cut easily).  I also painted mine with a hammered steel spray paint just out of color preference.
  2. Stain your plywood circle bodies leaving enough time to dry.
  3. Cut coin slices and wing halves.
Kid Assembly:
  1. Each owl needs 1 body circle, 2 fork feet, 2 bottle cap eyes, 2 nut eyeballs, 2 wood slice halves, some twine for hanging, and a handful of wood slice coins.
  2. Assist kiddos as they layout their owl and glue on their pieces.  
  3. Lay flat and allow to dry before attaching twine as a hanger on back (i used staples, but hot glue would probably do the trick too).

My littles and their buddies seemed to enjoy this craft and I think I'll get a kick out of hanging these up for many an Autumn to come!  Now bring on the Christmas :)

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