Friday, June 6, 2014

Easy $3 School's Out Welcome to Summer Decorations

Wow this year went by fast!  Yesterday was our last day of school!  After both  preschool and Kindergarten graduations, 2 field trips, and one birthday celebration at school, (all this week) this mama is pretty good and ready for some down time.  But my day was already full of end of year parties, really competitive gymnastics sign ups, and the second to last T-ball game so I thought, you're already crazy busy today, go all out!  

Here's a quick way you can deck out your entry way for your littles to come home to on their last day of school (and you can do it in between your errands)!  Little cost and effort and big results (my fave combination!)

What you need:
Sunshine decorations (Found these in the classroom supplies section of the dollar store, pack of 10)
Yellow Streamers (our dollar store has 2 packs and I ended up using a little more than 1, but if you only had one you could just do shorter pieces, because it was definitely close)
Sidewalk Chalk
Painters tape and double sided tape (I already had these so I'm not including them in the whole $3 total :P)

Put a piece of painters tape across the top of your door jam just lightly enough to stay up.  Then starting at one side, place the edge of the streamer just under the bottom of the tape and press down then let the streamers drop and cut off the bottom then repeat.  I like the look of varied lengths, and the tape held well once I pressed down each piece.  

Once you have your door curtained off you can add your sunshines at random heights and strips using double-sided tape.  Again, this tape held really well and the suns didn't add enough weight to pull down the streamers.

Lastly, grab your sidewalk chalk and draw some suns, palm trees, smiles, anything you want welcoming your kiddos to their summer vacation!! 

My girls were pretty excited to see this as they got out of the car! And bonus for this photo-happy mama, that streamer curtain makes a pretty cute backdrop for some summery pictures :)

Now, this is pretty fun all on its own, but if you're at the dollar store anyways you might want to make some little summer gifty bags of sand toys, buckets, bubbles, silly string, etc.  I actually found some pretty fabulous pineapple sunglasses that definitely had to happen!  This ups the total beyond $3 but not by much :)

I'm a little off my game when it comes to creating a summer bucket list or calendar plan like I have in years past but I'm still super stoked for all the things we'll surely do!!  

If your looking for some ideas, here are two big lists I compiled to get your brainstorm going:
 101 Things to do This Summer

Enjoy the Sunshine!!!

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