Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elf Movie Painted Bathroom Mirror

Oh, hello there!  I'm back from all the Christmas shenanigans and ready for a new year of awesome crafty goodness for this blog but I had to share JUST ONE last Christmassy fabulousness with you guys, and it's a good one so I think you'll appreciate it.

I may have mentioned a time or two how much I love the movie Elf.  It's a total Christmas fave in our house and I actually couldn't even tell you how many times we watched it this season now that my girls aren't terrified of the raccoon hug and Central Park Ranger's scenes :)  My favorite part, being the random lover that I am, is Mr. Narwhal.  Bye, Buddy, hope you find your dad!  Seriously, that phrase might fall out of my mouth when leaving anyone anywhere at least on a weekly basis year-round (I know, I'm so cool sometimes!).  

So, this year I decided to amp my annual ugly sweater party up a notch and make it Elf themed.  So in a desire to insert fun elements of this movie all over my house I got the brilliant idea to paint my own favorite, Mr. Narwhal, on my bathroom mirror.  I am NOT an artist, but he's pretty basic shape and I knew if I looked at a picture I could probably figure it out!  PLUS, here's a fun tip if you want to give mirror painting a try: practice or outline your shapes with dry erase markers!  

I used cheap tempera paints from Wal-Marts craft section (less than $2 a large bottle that will probably last me forever!!) in blue, black, and white!  I mixed a little of a light grayish blue for the narwhal and some icy blue for the water.  

So fun, right??  I've "frosted" the bathroom mirror before last year, but this took it to a whole new level, and seriously, I don't know when I'm going to get the nerve to wash him off :)  (soon-ish, I promise!!).  But I can't wait to maybe paint up a different holiday movie favorite next year . . . or next birthday or holiday maybe?!  Commencing Valentine's Day Mirror Paint Brainstorm!

Hope your Christmas was nothing short of fabulous filled with lots and lots and lots of loved ones and laughter!

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