Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Swan Surprise Ball: My Bestie's Happy 30th!

My other other half, my best friend, turned the big 3-0 recently and I wanted to give her a gift that was 30-rrific, fabulous and unique just like she is!!!  Which is not really possible, but what I did manage to get together turned out pretty cute-tastic and worth a share!

So, I'm not stranger to giving surprise balls, they're a total blast. If you're not familiar, it's basically when you wrap a bunch of small gifts into a ball using crepe paper streamers, one gift and color at a time!  The result is a beautiful colorful mess and anticipation as your recipient gets to unravel the presents one by one!  They're totally fun and you should totally try one for your next gift-giving situation!

But for Miss Carly, I knew I wanted to amp it up a bit.  It couldn't be JUST a surprise ball with JUST a few gifts.  It had to be SOMETHING and it had to have 30 gifts!!  Had to :)  Sooooo, naturally, I fashioned it into a swan :)  I remembered a pin from long ago of a vintage swan suprise ball: ultra fabulous!!  So after wrapping the 30 fabulous little gifties I'd collected into a ball of rainbow streamers, I gave it one last coat of white and then attached a cardboard tube neck with a floral wire head (pretty 2 dimensional but by just adding a little wadded up ball of streamers on each "cheek" as I wrapped it totally took on a head shape!).  Then I wrap wrap wrapped it some more in MORE white streamers!  When she was all done I glued on some feathers, drew some eyes and made a gold birthday crown and necklace with some glittered ribbon!

Almost too pretty to demolish!!

 . . . almost

Wondering what was inside?  Here's a little sneak peak at just some of the silly gifties I included (not all are kid friendly):

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