Monday, February 17, 2014

Magazine and Markers Art

So happy President's Day!  We've got big sis home from school today and even though the sun is shining, it is ridiculously windy out, so we've been inside all day.
As of late, I've had too high-yielding little artists, so these chicas would be happy to fall into their regular routine of mass producing marker/crayon pictures.  But today we jazzed it up a little by mixing in some magazine cut-outs as a jumping-off point and WOWZA did that create a thrill (I'm trying to soak in these moments where they're so easy to impress)!!  So file this away under rainy day or time-filler activities, mamas.  All you need are a couple fun faces/heads cut out from magazines and let your littles do the rest!

My girls literally spent hours creating these master-pieces and I've been inspired to keep a small stash of pre-cut heads/pics for them to access any time they need a little artsy inspiration!

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