Monday, February 17, 2014

wrapping up valentines day

So, crazytown that we're already more than half-way through February!  If time could just slow down a smidge, that'd be great, thanks!  Anyways, slacker me is just now getting to sharing my valentines-y crafties here on the blog!  So BTW, Happy Valentine's Day!  

Y chose a pinterest inspired healthy snack robot to make her class.  They turned out adorable!  Thanks again, pinterest!  

A got to make valentines for her preschool class, and she chose these adorable fox treat holders compliments of my Silhouette.  They of course, had to be lavender.
As a silhouette newbie I couldn't resist adding her name as a cutout to the tail . . . mostly just because I could.  I felt like the addition of googly eyes really brought these little guys to life!  She was so dutiful while helping me glue all the pieces together and was VERY proud passing them out! 

I got my valentine crafty on by making a fun new batch of "I love you like _______"/"I love you more than _______" blocks.  I'm sorta thrilled with how they turned out! 

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