Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafting through My Favorite Love Stories: Helga & Arnold

In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to revisit my favorite love stories with a creative perspective. Today's story:

Helga & Arnold

If you are not a 90s Nickelodeon child as myself, I can fill you in. Helga was a super poetic-artistic-brainiac and a little nutty girl (but all in secret) with a CRAZY rough, tough big bully and just plain mean exterior :)
She was hilarious, I loved her! She was head over heels in love with the shows title character, Arnold.
I love this story because it really reminds me of the passionate way having an unrequited crush felt during adolescence only exaggerated like 400xs! Oh the drama!

The Projects:
1.Of course, we had to do a Valentine Block. I have to admit, my nerdy husband and I were way too proud of ourselves when we came up with the idea for this block:
All you need is a scrap piece of 2x4, an alphabet stencil and some craft paint!!
2. A Pin/brooch inspired by Helga's secret heart shaped locket.
I made this using polymer clay, liquid polymer clay, regular printer with matte photo paper, 2 eyepins and a pin back.
To transfer the image you print it on the matte photo paper (seems to work 900xs better than plain printer paper). Then you paint a very thick coating of the liquid sculpey on it and bake according to directions.
While that's baking you can make your "ribbon" topper. I just ran some white clay through my pasta machine and cut a long skinny strip (probably 0.5" x 6") Then using a knife I cut the cute ends and then folded it up like a banner. I impressed the word "love" with the back of a paint brush. I also built up the gap in the back with a little ball of clay.
When the transfer image is done baking you rinse and/or soak it and scrub of the paper (the image stays behind on a fairly translucent and pliable sheet).

Then you place your translucent sheet on top of a heart shaped solid piece of clay and build up the edges with small "snakes" of clay (to be the frame). Before baking I filled in some gaps with the liquid polymer clay as well as used it to glue on the pin back and eye pins.

Once done baking I spray painted the banner and the locket (you'll need to cover your image first). This could be avoided by using colors and metallic clay, but I had white so . . . :)

Then you're finished!! Now, I know Miss Helga wouldn't ever just wear her heart on her sleeve (or chest) like this, but I think it's a fun and festive tribute to romance!! And it's the time of year for that, right?!
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Want more Helga and Arnold? Hop over and see this cute little montage video someone had made on youtube :)

Stay tuned for another great love story coupled with a cute Valentine-y craft project!!


  1. Is this cute or what? Thanks for sharing.

    Take care, Linda

    I joined your blog. Perhaps you'd like to follow mine also?

  2. My son was a child of the 90's and I loved watching Arnold with him! He was the coolest and he had the coolest bedroom! I found you on Hop Along Friday. Come visit!

  3. I love that you did this, I love it! Your blog is adorable! I found you on ˝friday blog hop" & I'm a new follower. Ohh, those rolls you made into waffled look delicious & I'm going to try that! How did you make that cute face?!?! I hope you had a great weekend.

  4. Too sweet! Love it! Thanks for linking up!



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