Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Gift for Boys: Patchwork Pillowcase

Maybe it's because I'm the mother of girls, but it seems like diy gifts for girls and ladies are far more easy to come by than those for the menfolk in your lives. But that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of really great handmade ideas that you can make for the He's. I hope to include lots of boyfriendly ideas on this blog.

I showed you what lovelies I made for my daughters and little niece for Christmas. Now here's what I made for the 3 nephews (and also my oldest niece who I feared was too old for the dolly bed).

These removable, washable pillowcases will fit a standard size pillow (which you can get at walmart for only $2.50).

You just need fabric!

I started with a 16" quilt square I had made awhile ago when I got crazy obsessed with the tossed 9-patch technique.

Since the standard size pillow is 20" x 26," you need to make it a little wider and taller. I added a 6" strip of fabric to each side of the square.
Then I had a long rectangle which I added a 3" strip of fabric to both the bottom and top of. I also added a cute pocket for a little guy or whatever they might want to keep close at hand. I then trim the top to make it measure 20.5" x 26.5" around.

I then sewed on the back pieces exactly like I did for the snowman foot pillow I posted about last month. I basically cut a piece of fabric that was 20.5"long and just the width of an uncut piece of fabric (45" or whatever it might be). Then I cut that in half and hemmed the two sides that will over lap. Then you lay them both face down on the pillowcase top and pin and sew all the way around!

Since I had the quilt square already made and used fabric I had on hand this only took about 1 hour to make and cost me only the pillow insert!

Project Summary:
1 Hour

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