Monday, November 21, 2011

Tossed Nine Patch Quilt Trick

I am all about quilting shortcuts that make it appear that I've done more work than I actually have! That's why I flipped out when I discovered this trick and made like 10 little quilts! It's so rewarding and so simple. I didn't invent this and there are lots of tutorials out there . . . just throwing mine into the mix :)
If you can sew a straight line then you can do this!

9 fabric squares all the same size (I'm using 6" squares in the pictures) ps, how cute are my holiday fabrics, right??
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter (optional, but makes life a lot easier)

Step 1:
*Before you begin, you may want to turn your upper most left side square and bottom most right side square upside down, you'll be rotating them, so if you want them to be "right side up" when it's all said and done you'll need to do this, or if you're going for random (and easy) just place them however*
Sew together 3 squares in a row. Do this 3 times.

Step 2:
Sew together your 3 rows, try to line up corners as best as you can, I'm totally not a perfectionist here but it helps. You should have a standard 9-patch square. Press.

Step 3:
Using ruler and rotary cutter (or a super steady/straight hand and scissors) Cut down the middle of your 9 patch square both in the vertical and horizontal direction (a cross). Now you have 4 squares.

Step 4:
Rotate 2 diagonally opposite squares so that the smallest square that was in the middle is now in the outside corner.

Step 5:
Pin the top two squares together and sew. Pin the bottom two squares together and sew. Now you have 2 rectangles

Step 6:
Pin your rectangles together and sew. Press.
Pin It
Now you can marvel at your awesomeness, you quilting genius!

UPDATE: Check out the cute boys pillowcover I made using this square!

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