Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days to Get A Jump Start on Christmas: Create a Timeline for Handmade Gifts


This is the part of the story where I give myself a reality check :)  What is a realistic amount of handmade work I can accomplish by Christmas time???  Since I had my kids, I have inevitably spent many a late December hour trapped behind my sewing machine or crochet hooks.  While I love crafting, it always seems that at some point the scale tips and I become a slave to my grandiose creative planning.  So this year, I'm vowing to bite off a realistic amount of hand-crafted gifting/projects and create a timeline in which I can finish it before December.  A December with a less creative workload means more time to be present and enjoy the season with the kiddos, which is my whole goal of this project anyways :)  Today, I encourage you to think about what big things you want to do (whether it be a knitted hat for your honey, Christmas jammies for your family, or pillowcases for all the nieces and nephews)  try to envision what projects you'd find yourself scrambling on Christmas Eve with and create a plan to finish them early and stress free!

Are you following along with my 31 days to get a jump start on Christmas?  Click to image below to see other posts in this series

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