Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days to Get A Jump Start on Christmas: Create a planner for your Elf on The Shelf

Okay, confession: we don't do the Elf on the Shelf at our house :)  It's one of those pick and choose type things and it just hasn't ever made the cut :)  BUT I know a bunch of you awesome mamas out there do and BTW it looks like a ton of work, you guys ROCK!!!  It totally warrants some pre-Christmas prep time, so I made something for you:  Click Here for a Free Printable Calendar Planner I created just for your Elf on The Shelf Plans.  If my tech-abilities haven't failed me, that should be a document that you can type in your plans for each day . . . . or just print out and jot them down.  Today your assignment is to brainstorm (maybe even cruise pinterest a bit) and get your whole month of plans written out including what supplies (if any) you'll need.


In the meantime, I'll be getting my butt in gear and catching up on days 5-9 :)  


Are you following along with my 31 days to get a jump start on Christmas?  Click to image below to see other posts in this series

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