Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days To Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Wrap as You Go

This is more of a all the time tip than a just today one :)  But when you find yourself NOT up all night Christmas eve producing what could be deemed the world's sloppiest wrapping job in all of history (hello, torn paper scrap taped on to cover the place where the piece I cut was too short!!), you'll be so glad you did this!
Looking to depart from the expected a little bit and need some ideas?  Here are some favorites I found:

1. Robbie & Erin | 2. Going Home To Roost | 3. Sugar & Cloth | 4. Thompson Family | 5.  Le Petit Pot | 6.  TipJunkie | 7. Photojojo | 8. All About You | 9. Free People
Also, check out last years "white box" challenge where a couple of my creative peeps and I came up with some fancy shmancy wrapping ideas!


Are you following along with my 31 days to get a jump start on Christmas?  Click to image below to see other posts in this series

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