Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Everything Christmas: "White Box Challenge" Christmas Wrap Ideas

Wrapping the gift can almost as much fun as picking it out (maybe more??).  It's your chance to put a creative spin on even the most store-bought, prepackaged gift!

I saw the White Box Challenge idea in the current Issue of HGTV and thought it'd be fun to rally some creative-minded peeps of my own and give it a whirl.  

So here's the rules:  Wrap a standard shirt size gift box with whatever and however you like!  That's it :)  You'll love these ideas!

First we have Miss Taumi.  She is a sweet artist friend of mine from my college days that lives tragically half way across the country (otherwise we'd be an unstoppable crafty duo!).  I'm pretty certain she's the first person who first turned me onto etsy (epic!) and many of my favorite blogs, including Oh Happy Day!  I have a total style crush on all her amazing fashion and home ensembles, which luckily she shares much of it over at her blog, Loverly.

"I've been obsessed with fringe and tassels since I stumbled on the Confetti System a couple years ago. I even copied some of their fringey ornaments they are selling at West Elm this year so it seemed like the perfect jumping off point for gift wrap. I am not one for traditional Christmas motif wrapping so I found this black and white houndstooth in the party supplies at Hobby Lobby for $4.99. Then I cut fringe from colored tissue paper and made the tassels from the metallic sheets. I used the tutorial from OhHappyDay! for Project Wedding
The No Peeking tag is from Target in a pack of nine for $3. I attached the tassels and tag with fluffy white yarn I had lying around. "

"I started with a photo of my great grandparents from the 70's. I love the orange paisley moomoo my grandma is wearing. There is a little green in it as well as maroon so I used some of those colors in the wrapping. I first wrapped the box in a lime green wrapping that I re-purposed from a gift I had been given (I keep everything!) I taped everything down with black and white polka dot washi tape from Michaels from their Smashbook collection. I layered a paper bag with old-timey adverts I kept (I keep everything!). Tied it up with some hemp twine from Hobby Lobby and added a few triangles I had left over from a garland I had made. The tag is from a pack of nine from Target for $3. "

Next we have my friend, Tami of Wishes of Whimsy.  I lucked out when one of my best friends found and married this girl (2 best friends for the price of 1!).  This lady is a rockstar mama if I've ever known one!  She's a super party planner, craft maker, and even budding bento artist :)  (a woman after my own heart!).  I have been in her house and she actually MAKES the stuff she pins!!! (amazing, right?!?!).  You can see all the fabulous parties and creative family home awesomeness she's constantly taking on over at her blog Wishes of Whimsy.

I had to do a brown paper package tied up with string with several variations:with snowflakes (that stay on my nose and eyelashes), with simple stamp added, then stamps and decorative tape (this is how ours are wrapped this year, I even stamped names onto them!)

Both the wrapping paper and wall decal stickers for this gift are from the dollar store!

 Lastly, I did one for the guys (the ones I know are so bad at wrapping) This is one even they can do: Just a t-shirt box and decorative tape - $.97 at Walmart.

And then there's me, and I only did one :)

This customized package cost less than $2 :)  I made the photo gift wrap by printing a picmonkey collage via Staples Print Center (tutorial here!) for only $1.89.  I dressed up the black and white with some brightly colored yarn strings and pom pom (which I had lying around!  

So there you go, get wrapping!! :) 

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