Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 Days To Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Make & Freeze Cookie Dough & Pie Crusts

Decorated sugar cookies are a Christmas must in our house.  But if we're being real, the fun part is totally the decorating, not the making (this is especially true with young children!).  So this year I'm going to bypass that "ughhhh" that zaps my motivation when the kiddos get the cookie decorating bug and do the hard part of making my cookie dough now!  Most cookie dough recipes seem to be able to handle being frozen ahead of time and true story: I might even take it a step farther and roll, cut and bake a dozen or two before freezing for a really quick (just pull out and decorate!!).  I used to work at a place in the mall food court with essentially the world's best sugar cookies and we totally made them ahead of time and froze them to be decorated later as we needed, it works, I promise!  

If you need a walk-through, there is an awesome post on this over @ Tidy Mom:


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