Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days to Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Purchase your packaging supplies

You know what always happens to me?  I'm always scrambling through the house trying to find a box, trying to find bubble wrap, and finding out that "oh cool, we NEVER have shipping tape!!" all before the last possible day to get a package to arrive at it's destination by Christmas (not without a lovely long line wait and paying a steep rush price with--of course--no guarantee .  So by taking a little extra planning this year, I'm hoping to avoid the craziness.  

Step 1 is to star my out-of-towners on my Master Gift List (they are high priority for time).  Second I make a deadline far before the actual deadline.  And third, stock up on all the mailing supplies (the dollar store is lovely for this!!).  I don't know if I'd necessarily make a special trip for this task, but do add these things to your next shopping list at least, it's so much better than a down-to-the-wire trip out into Christmas shopping craziness JUST FOR TAPE (been there!!).    Also, if you really like to be well prepared and budgeted you can opt to go the flat rate route, which you can actually get boxes delivered TO YOUR DOOR for free, and BONUS you can even purchase and print your postage when the time comes and schedule a PICK UP!!  Which my darling husband who always ends up the one in the treacherous Christmastime post office line, would surely appreciate.  


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