Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tomorrow's Outfit: Easy DIY Tutorial

It's back to school time and I'm running around like a crazy lady trying to do anything and everything to get this chaotic household into some sort of organized manner so that we can glide effortlessly into fall.  A HUGE problem I'm trying to tackle before it even starts is the getting-ready-for-school morning craziness!  With two little fashionistas to get up and out each morning I know we could likely have quite the hang-up when it comes to outfit choosing time.  Thus, when I saw this little gem pop up on pinterest, from House For 5,  I knew I had to make our own version for the girlies.

Cute, right?! The girls are both pretty stoked about choosing and hanging up tomorrow's outfit each night before :)

To make (2), you'll need: 

Two little unfinished wood plaques (craft section at walmart, 99 cents each!)
A set of these fabulous hooks from H&M only $5.95 for a pair!
Spray paint in your favorite color (I chose a high gloss yellow)
White paint pen
Black sharpie
Small Screw to attach hook to plaque
3M Command velcro strips (the ones that are supposed to hold 12 pounds)
oh, and also, next time you buy an outfit at the store that has an attached pants hanger, save it!

Step 1: Paint your plaque.  No sanding or priming neccessary :)

Step 2: Pick and paint your text.  What should I wear?  or Tomorrow's Outfit or Today I'll Wear, the possibilities are endless!  I just freehanded mine and to be honest, I don't love it, but I was in a total "corner cutting" mood and that's what happened.  It's a pretty good idea to practice a couple times on a paper cut to size first, then laying the paper over your painted plaque, trace pressing down which should leave an indentation for you to then go over with the paint pen.  I also went ahead and outlined the text with black sharpie to give it a pop!

Step 3:  Attach hook using tiny screw

Step 4: affix to door or wall with command velcro strips (I can't really tell you how in love with these things I am!!)

Step 5: plan tomorrow's outfit!

PS, how hard are you loving H&M kids clothes?!?!?!?!  Back to school shopping has never been more fun!

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