Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crafts and the Tooth Fairy

It took me till 1:15 am to finish a massive craft session putting together what I hoped would make for a very happy morning for my daughter, now one tooth short of a full set :)  

It's was second night in a row I stayed up late sewing, the first night I sewed through my finger (true story) while turning a used potato chip bag into a coin purse why?? haha.  This time I was more succesful!

She spent the whole day anticipating her first visit from the tooth fairy, so I knew I had to make it special.  Y is one smart cookie and I'm pretty sure I've only got about a year or so before she cracks the tooth fairy/Santa code (the combination of her smarts and my inability to lie without being super awkward!), so I enlisted the help of good ol' pinterest to help me (you're so cool like that, Pinteres <3)

Part 1:
I instantly fell in love with this adorable tooth fairy doll:

The only problem was I did not plan ahead, I had mere hours, so I couldn't order one of these amazingly fabulous dolls, I HAD to buck up and make one :)

It took me two episodes of my guilty pleasure, Duck Dyansty for me to muster up the motivation to move from the couch to the sewing machine and give it a go.  I used scrap fabric for the body and dress and felt for the hair.  My wings are far less fabulous then the ones in the doll above, and to be honest I didn't have any tulle so I actually stole a couple pieces from a handmade tutu in the girls' dress up closet and then just sprayed them with glitter hair spray (haha this is resourcefullness at it's best!!).

I think she turned out fabulous (it was touch and go there a couple times and yes, I did resort to fabric pen face instead of embroidery . . . but still, so cute, right?!):

Part 2:
I'm sure you've seen this simple idea all over pinterest: spray tooth fairy dollars with glitter hairspray
Part 3:
Tiny Envelope with mini letter!  This is pretty self explanatory, you can easily make a mini envelope by cutting out a rectangle with triangles coming off all four sides (does that make sense?).  This is also your chance to plug some reinforced encouragement for good dental hygiene :)

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