Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get a Jump Start on Christmas in 31 Days

Are you at all like me? I am the girl that plans big, pins with abandon and then tries to accomplish all sorts of awesomeness in the wee hours before a big day, event, or holiday.  I try to be super mom but not until the last minute!  This almost always results in corners cut, details lost, and a disappointed and only semi-present-when-it-really-counts me (you know, because I've just gotta miss the first part of the party to finish gluing glitter chevrons on the centerpieces).  But earlier this year I took on one of my big projects a week in advance (for the first time in my LIFE!) and fell in mad love with the fabulous freedom of time to spare.  So I'm trying to turn over a new leaf of preparedness:  I want to do less, but do it well.  I want to give myself enough time to divide and conquer the projects I'm set on, and really shift my focus to truly being present through the big moments (rather than be tucked away trying to finish some silly last detail).  No better showdown to test this out on than my favorites of all favorites (and the source of my most grandiose creative scheming): Christmas.

So here we are, already October and it's really just around the corner, folks!

My Christmas pinterest board is already bursting at the seams and I can't quite contain the holly jollies from creeping in (I may have already taken a hit off my Christmas Pandora station . . . but I was having an awful day and I really needed it, you guys!).  

With all this in mind, it dawned on me that if I could just spend a few minutes each day doing some little Christmas task preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, that I would buying myself holiday family time all the while still getting all the things I want accomplished.  This seems like a far better alternative to running myself ragged trying to-at the last minute-"make the magic happen."

Please join me each day this month for 31 easy ways you can get ready for Christmas crazy early!  (all things that can be done well in advance!  whether it be this month or next) and maybe avoid the dreaded "Pinterest hangover" after late-night "do-it-alls!"  

Click the image for all current posts in this series! 

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