Friday, January 25, 2013

Naptime Bliss:

My oldest and I are taking it easy while the little tykelet takes a much needed nap.  

Much to my excitement, I've discovered Y (who is now nearing 5), will actually watch some old movies with me . . . as long as there's dancing and especially if there is a dog.  We're watching our second Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers film of the week right now.  I am madly in love with them at the moment.

She's building beds for her dollies while periodically looking up pretending to absorb the plot, and when the music starts she drops everything and moves to the center of the floor mimicking the dance moves as best she can (it's pretty epic in adorableness).  Meanwhile I'm sipping a cup of decaf coffee that is actually probably more peppermint creamer than coffee (guilty) and thumbing through my favorite old cookbook finding tons of gems I never noticed before.  

A pretty perfect afternoon indeed.

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