Monday, January 28, 2013

An Un-Valentine Gift ;) DIY

Now, I totally have some romantic, Valentine-y handmades in the works.  However, before we get to them, I wanted to throw in an "Un-Valentine" gift for those who might not be feeling the ooey-gooey, lovey doveiness of it all :)  Because, who hasn't been there :)  

This is a variation of the potty pops block I posted about last year.  

Here's how I made it:
All you need is a scrap piece of 2"x4" (oh, and also, awesome fyi: if you go the the scrap section of Home Depot they might have some scrap pieces in random lengths, I got several almost 4' lengths of both 2x4 & 1x3 for only 50 cents a board!!), some paints, a drill, and some suckers :)  The paints I used were Martha Stewart Craft Paints in Glossy Beach Glass & Metallic Gold.

I used the font "cream puff" to print out my lettering just on regular computer paper.  Then, taped it over my painted block and traced along the outside of the letters pressing down hard with a pen.  Once the paper is removed, I painted in the indentation with gold.

Depending on the size of your block you can mark where and how many holes you want for suckers along the top.  I didn't drill as horribly crooked as it appears, I merely used too big of a bit so they're leaning against the edge (a look I kinda like :)).

You can sand the block to give it a weathered look and spray with a glossy clear coat for longevity.

Don't share this cynical sentiment but like the pun?  Just add a doesn't into the phrase :)  (maybe even on the back of the block making it reversible for the fickle ;)

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