Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potty Pop Block: in which I actually make something I pinned :)

a couple of days ago I saw this amazing idea over at Mom Vs. Design School Source
pinned it and then actually made it!! Hooray (the ratio of pins to actual crafting is severely unbalanced!!)

Now, I'm banking on that whole "the second child will do it sooner because they want to be like the older" thing in terms of potty training baby number 2. I know we're not quite there yet, but she is having fun sitting on the little potty (fully clothed, but whatever!), so I think it's not too far off. We had a bag of M&Ms for Y, but this is WAY cuter!

Also, I'm still crafting my way to the bottom of a box of 2x4 scraps and I thought why not make one of these for the bathroom.

So, here's my version of this genius mama's brilliant idea:

What I used:

Scrap chunk of wood
sand paper
printed text
Clear Gloss coat

1) I simply painted the whole block one solid color

2) While it was drying, I printed out the text in my favorite of favorites font: Cream Puff. I used narrow margins and size 180 font on a landscape page. But you can just size it to fit your block.

3) This is my new favorite trick for painting on cute text! I positioned the paper over the block so that the text would be where I want it and simply traced the outline with a pen (although anything sharp-ish will do), all the time pressing down enough to leave an imprint in the wood. You'll see in my picture it's kinda hard to stay right in the lines if you have a particularly bumpy piece of wood . . . my hands aren't that unsteady, but you can correct and smooth out your lines when you're actually painting.

4) Remove the paper and with a fine brush or (better yet) a paint pen, trace the imprinted outline of the text and then paint it in!

5) Distress it! I'm totally into making weathered/distressed things when it comes to painting/stenciling. It's not so much that that's my style, as much as it is that it covers a multitude of imperfections! Really, you can be as sloppy as you want and just sandpaper it a little bit and wrap it up with a great big: I meant to do that!
So Sand edges, hit it with hammers, throw it on the sidewalk . . . go for it!

6) Drill holes in the top for your pops

7) Spray with a clear coat (i like glossy things!)

8) once completely completely dry, add pops and plop that baby on top of your potty :)
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I think it turned out totally cute! And I'm sure Y(3) will revert to needing a reward for going potty once I place this in the bathroom, but that's okay, maybe it will help little sister follow suit!

I'm linking up with Somewhat Simple & Finding My Way In Texas

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  1. That is awesome! I used to give my first a Hershey kiss and make such a big deal out of it when it happened!



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