Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 Nights of Must Watch Holiday Movies: The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

The Movie:
*Confession: I watch HOURS upon HOURS of holiday movies on the Hallmark channel once they start their 24 hour lineup of them in  November.  There are so many out there that would otherwise go undiscovered.  
I caught It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year a couple years ago and added it to my exclusive list of Christmas musts.

I'm betting you have NOT seen this one, and it's super cheesy and light but really cute!  It's the story of Jenny, a single mom, preparing for Christmas where she'll be cooking her first Christmas dinner for her super-wealthy boyfriend's parents (not delving super deep here, but bear with me).  The only relative from her side joining them is her uncle, Ralph (Henry Winkler bonus).  Ralph meets Morgan stranded in the airport and brings him home to Jenny's in lieu of sleeping on the airport floor at Christmas.  Morgan is a chef, handsome, and of course great with Jenny's son (you see where I'm going with this . . . ).

Why it's a Christmas Must-Watch:
It's cute and so feel-goody and everything wraps up so nicely!  It's a great escape from holiday stresses and gloomy real-world news.

My "rating":
Family Friendly!
This movie is not rated as it was made for TV, but being so it's really mild.  I can't think of any language, I'd feel totally safe watching it around my kids although they'd be bored as it's not super entertaining for little little ones.  There's 2 attempted robberies (which seems weird as I type it, they're not big in the plot), and one "fight" scene where a bully-type man is knocked out with a trash can (again, that sounds more dramatic as I type it out then it actually is in the movie).

You're Holiday Movie Night:
Tonights movie night would be great for older kids (maybe 8+) and on up.  Make it a dinner & a movie night with a mini-Christmas dinner (using all the cheats like Stovetop Stuffing and Instant Mash Potatoes!).

Alternately, if you can't find anyone to get into the sappy mood of it all, this would be a WONDERFUL one for mama to wrap presents to :)

See you tomorrow with another great movie night! (click the picture to see more must-watch holiday movie nights)

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  1. Havn't seen this one, but since all of the other ones on your list are my faves as well I totally will give it a go. I just watched one the other day about a girl who hires a guy to play her boyfriend because her real one just dumped her before he was supposed to meet her family. I think it's actually Thanksgiving but they decorate for Christmas and there's snow in it. And I also love to watch While You Were Sleeping at Christmas time because the whole thing happens between Christmas and New Years. I'm half way through my basket of holiday movies already...Oh, and I just bought Prancer which was a favorite from when I was a kid. I still love it. I love when your adult self isn't disappointed with your kid self's favorites movies. =) Ok, can you tell how much I love Christmas movies now!!!!



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