Monday, September 10, 2012

Puppy Sandwich Ball Tutorial

It is so cool that you can use sandwich balls in place of rice balls for a bunch of bento ideas.  Y loves rice, but I love having another option, and also, they're amazingly cute and easy!  Oh these bento possibilities really do seam endless!  
To make these all you really need is your sandwich makings (so far this cheapy mushy white bread seems to work pretty good!)  
  1. To make this puppy you need 2 pieces of bread and peanut butter (or whatever your desired spreadable filling)
  2. Cut off the crusts and press the bread flat (or flatish, you don't have to overdo it)
  3. Spread PB avoiding the edges
  4. pinch together the corners and middles till you have a little sandwich "parcel"
  5. At this point I press mine into my rice ball maker (and I know what your thinking, yes you can totally put these into your shaped rice molds!).  If you don't have a rice ball maker, that's okay, just hand form into a ball and proceed to the next step.
  6. Now you have a ball!  Hooray!  Is it going to be a panda, a prince, a soccer ball?  Ours is going to be a puppy :)
  7. Wrap your ball tightly in plastic wrap so that it holds its shape and place in the fridge while you prepare the other pieces (or overnight) . . . And on to the ears . . . 
  8. Prepare another piece of bread a la' steps 2 & 3 and this time fold it in half and press down to seal the cut edges
  9. Cut two thin slices to be the ears (you'll have left overs, or enough ears for at least another puppy)
  10. Retrieve your ball and put on the face so you'll know where you want to place the ears.  I used mini chocolate chips and a black food color pen for the puppy face.
  11. Use a little bit of PB to adhere the pinched end of the ear to the head (these don't stay super well but this bread becomes almost mold-able and between that and the PB, it's enough).

You're done!  Wasn't that fun! 

I'm linking up with Today's Creative Blog, I heart naptime

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