Saturday, September 8, 2012

a very pinterest-y first day of school

We experienced our first first day of school this week!  Hard to believe my sweet baby is big enough for preschool.  Her lunch was made, her back pack packed, her hair combed adorably.  Ready.  I'm not ready! She totally had to get me through this with her adorable excitement!

I pulled together some crafty projects for the big day I thought it'd be fun to share:

The Breakfast:
If she had her way, Y would eat Bagels exclusively :P This bagel crab was crazy easy, I'm sure you've seen these on pinterest and such.  I first saw it at Meet the Dubiens.  All it takes is some creative cutting and also candy eyes (found in cake decorating section of walmart :p)  ***I'm trying to resist the urge to add these to every food, ever :)

The Dress:
I'm  hoping to grasp onto this golden time where she is A) going to school and B) not too cool to wear something her mamma made her on the first day!  I understand this is only going to last for about 1-2 years tops so lets get it!  

Since this was a last-minute-plan (as most of mine are), I opted for a super easy t-shirt dress using some adorable bookworm and apple fabric I found whilst aimlessly browsing JoAnn's.

You can make this dress in less than 2 hours with very beginning sewing skills (tutorial in the works, monday maybe!).

I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

The Lunch:
I'm finally getting the chance to put my bento tools to use, and honestly, I'm still pretty bad at it!  For her first day I made this funny bear/pencil bento using cheese sandwiches with both wheat and white bread.

The chalkboard photoshoot:
I know this is a little pinterest-overkill but it's such a cute idea!  All you need is a scrap board and some chalkboard paint (which I randomly had!  yay!).  We got some cute pics, ya know with her holding the sign and all and also artsy ones of just her feet :)

Hope all your first days were crazy fun and memorable!!

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