Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's Go On A Chicken Adventure . . . Part 2

Almost 2 weeks down and our flock is now complete. On Friday I picked up the last 2 chickies (yep 2, I was totally only gonna get one, but fears of a lone little chickie being integrated with my 2 now giants coerced me to get her a little buddy . . . poor logic, I'm sure!)

Introducing Tinkerbell and Silvermist (you heard me)
They are crazy cute and looked about the size of an egg, we couldn't believe how tiny! Definitely a day or two younger than the other two were when we brought them home. Tinkerbell is a Buff Orpington and Silvermist is a Black Australorp. These were the original two varieties I had hoped to get, but that day we went they didn't have either and we were not leaving that place without chickies, so now there are 4 :) haha. *I must must must learn to not tell my daughter things ahead of time!

We took the plunge and introduced the little two to the giant two (they seriously are HUGE it is crazy the difference 10 days makes, I'm almost certain that if I sat there and stared at these guys long enough I would literally see them growing). Everyone's being nice and getting along for almost 24 hours now! I am thrilled!!

Our current interactions with the babes consists of lots of hand-feeding on Y's part, standing over the brooder and repeating incessantly "hi chitty" on A's part, and I've been holding them. . . please oh please turn out socialized and nice little chicks! My husband has asserted that he will not be holding them, although the Black Australorp baby almost killed that plan with her cuteness . . . almost he said.

As fast as these guys are growing I really need to make some coop decisions! That is the next phase . . .

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