Friday, March 9, 2012

Well, hello Spring

man, I took a little hiatus from blogging there for a minute. apologies to my like 5 loyal readers ;) I have been bit bit bit by the bug of Spring and between cleaning, purging, and garden planning, I've had little time to collect my thoughts into one cohesive project or blog.

But here I am, my windows are open and the sun is shining in. I love this time of year!

Ever the list maker, I thought I'd share my sort of Spring "bucket list" or countdown of things I'm hoping to accomplish and blog about as we embark on these sunnier days:

My Spring Pledge, I will:
  • Finish Project Living Room (remember that?!) Well it's only feeling darker and dingier as time goes one, and I have one beautiful curtain that desperately needs its partner!
  • Build a Chicken Coop with minimal husband assistance (partially because I want to feel accomplished and partly because that's part of the deal for me to get chickens to fill said coop). **This will totally be blogged! Should be an adventure!
  • Continue, dare I saw FINISH, clutter purge and house organization. I had a super successful yard sale on our first warm day and need to continue the effort!
  • Create easy and successful sewing area where my machine can just live so I don't have to demolish any order that might have been existing in the kitchen every time I want to whip up something.
  • . . . and along those lines: SEW more things! Maybe Easter dresses?
  • get up early when the hot air balloons are lifting off and take the girls to see them
  • Plant a strawberry wall
  • Plan and collect materials for summer crafts/activities for easy access to fun!
Happy Weekend!


  1. we are still here waiting for you to come back

    1. I am so excited about your living room makeover! I am also the type of gal that has a hard time doing neutral but apt. living has forced me. And I admit that I have a hard time committing to one look very long so it might be a good thing. I rotate things around my home so much because I love things to always feel fresh. When I got my amazingly awesome vintage gold sofa I had to change up the colors in my living room. Dyed some curtains, reupholstered my ottomans, framed a new print and bought pillow covers form etsy! Voila!



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