Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney Countdown Calendar

pssst.....want to know a very exciting secret that we've been keeping for a month?

We're going to Disneyland!

We have reached a point in our house where we start to see commercials and ask about that place. . . she first called it the Princess Carnival :) Then we figured out that place had a name: "Disleyland" . . . and then we began the casual asking if we could go there, ya know every day. So this party planner decided to retire the planning for one birthday and as my little one turns 4 in the next few weeks we'll be walking the streets of the happiest place on earth!

We haven't told her yet. Actually, against my better judgment we're going to tell her 10 days prior to our trip (my husband has deemed these to be the 10 longest days of our life, but he doesn't seem to recall the 10 days past my due date 4 years ago!). So I whipped up this fun little calendar to count down the days! I'd seen several around the blogosphere and just tweaked it and glittered it up a little bit! Here's what you need:

10 Mickey Mouse Shaped Paint Chips from Home Depot
1 Disneyland Castle Sticker ($5.99 @ JoAnn's)
1 Sheet Glitter Craft Foam
Glitter Letter Stickers

1. Cut the sheet in half lengthwise and tape together on the back for a long sheet.

2. Place your chips and pick a layout you like, I tried both castle at the bottom and the top, and decided that it looked cuter at the bottom but functioned better at the top (so I guess we're counting up!).

3. Tape down your pieces. The double sided tape isn't the biggest fan of bonding to the glitter sheet so press hard. I didn't want to use glue because I think she'll want to take off each mouse chip every day.

4. Pick a small simple activity for each day (hoping this will stave off the crazy have to go right this minute need). Here are the activities I chose:
10 days left - Watch videos of rides (they're available on Youtube and actually really helpful when determining if your little one will like/be able to handle a ride before you make the commitment of standing in line).
9 Days left - Watch Finding Nemo (my ulterior motive with the movies I chose to include are to get her familiar/excited with specific rides I think they'd enjoy)
8 Days Left - Make A Disney Craft Project (yet to be determined)
7 Days Left - Make A List of Rides We Don't Want To Miss
6 Days Left - Watch A Bug's Life (several California Adventure's kids rides are centered around this movie, and we've never seen it, so this is necessary!)
5 Days Left - Make an Autograph Book
4 Days Left - Watch Tinkerbell Movie
3 Days Left - Eat Mickey Pancakes
2 Days Left - Pack your suitcase
1 Day Left - Ready Set Go!

Find a spot to post it and get ready for a fun and exciting countdown!

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  1. How exciting!!! Have a great time in Disneyland! We were there a couple years ago and I can't wait to go back again. Love your countdown calendar. :)

  2. This is the cutest countdown I've seen, with the activities and everything. When we go again I will be doing this. Thanks for sharing. (Found it through Pinterest) Have a great day. :o)

  3. Soo cute. I just made one for my Son same layout pretty much :) Thanks for the great Idea. I shared on my blog ♥



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