Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Go On A Chicken Adventure . . . Part 1

With our Disney adventure under my belt and I know I should finish my living room first but I couldn't resist: we got our baby chicks yesterday! (because simultaneous projects are more interesting anyways, right??)

So I might have mentioned earlier that back yard chickens were on the docket for this Spring. Hasn't been the easiest sell to the man of the house, but he's come around . . . I think, actually he was home sick sleeping while I went out and bought them . . . but he definitely knew. He did! My bargain was that I would pay for and build the coop myself :)

So I know little about chickens, or coops, or chicks, a true beginner! If this turns out well, then I'll be convinced anyone can do this!

The Chickens
We're planning on getting 3, but they didn't have one of the varieties we wanted so we went home with 2 until next week. We got an Americauna (lays blue/green/or pink egg!) and a Rhode Island Red. They are named Dora & Boots (yay . . .). We are hoping to get a Buff Orpington next week because Y wants a yellow chick/chicken :)
Brooder Box
I used a clear plastic tote so the girls could watch what was going on and the chicken girls could likewise see out. I used a plain old steak knife to cute a square out of the lid and stapled chicken wire over the opening. I covered all the edges with duct tape just to cover up all the little pokies sticking out from the cut chicken wire. I did the same thing on the inside in the even that baby chick jumps and hits it head on the pokey . . . unlikely as it may be!
We chose the dining table as a prime location because I want to be able to check on them often, the girls can see them (but not readily get to them) and the chandelier acts as a really easy hanging apparatus for the heat lamp, it can be easily lowered or lifted to adjust temperature!

Thoughts so far
It's only been 24 hours and I'm so glad their still alive and chirping! The girls really like them! The man even came in and awed at the cute way they drink water! As of this point: success!
Just had to share this photo because it was too cute! This is Y "sleeping" next to the brooder because the chickens were napping and she wanted to nap with them :)

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