Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Cheap Super Hero Party Decor: Cardboard City Scapes

So, the mr. turns 30 this week (eek!) and on Sunday I threw him a "surprise" party (Y spilled the beans late Saturday night! haha) Anyways, the theme was Superhero's since he's ours. Being pretty broke and trying to do this without him noticing, the budget was super small, but the decor was fantastic!

The first one I'll share ended up being one of the biggest bang for your buck decorations I've ever made (second to my favorites of favorites: the tissue poof poof):

Cheap Cardboard Cityscape
Total cost: 3.98 per cityscape
Time about 30 minutes/cityscape (give or take)
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1 Black Project board (you know, for like science projects) ($2.99 @ walmart)
1 sheet reflective, metallicy paper (glitter paper would be cool too) mine was 0.99 @ JoAnn's
Box Cutter
Double-sided tape or glue

1) Draw on your city. I was nervous about this but really whatever you do works. I made no spaces in between buildings smaller than 1.5 inches, just for cutting ease, and I just tried to vary the shapes and sizes. You can slant a few sides or even curve some (trust me, you can be pretty free-form with this, just try to make your sides straight (a ruler will come in quite handy here!) I only came down about 1/3 of the board ever since I knew I was using mine as a backdrop for cakes and stuff.

2) Cut out your design using box cutter or razor knife (same thing?).

3) Prepare your windows by cutting 1" x 1" squares (lots and lots of them!) If you have a paper-cutter this will be awesomely more easy!

4) Tape/glue on your windows. I start from the top down and trickle down getting thinner as I reach the bottom of my lowest space. I think it looks more realistic if you are sporadic and don't have a window in every single space (some lights would be off, right?). I found this to be the most time-consuming step!

Well, there you have it, I am certain you will not be disappointed with the results here, they look really really cool! I made 4 and used 2 on each food table as a backdrop (plus one set blocked off my dirty kitchen where all the "work" was being done, BONUS!

These are big enough that they could be part of a photo backdrop for a kids party, I'm thinking of trying to get my girls to take a superhero pic in front of mine before I put it all away!

Stay tuned for more Superhero party goodness to come!

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  1. Great job! Did you diy the gold piece behind the backdrop, too?



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