Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Super Cheap Super Hero Party Decor: Giant Newspaper Print & Photo Numbers

I've got 2 super awesome super cheap party decoration ideas for you. I used them for a Superhero 30th party, but they would really fit into ANY party theme (bonus!!!) Each project was less than $5!!!

Part 1: Party Poster

Okay, so this giant party poster was a revelation to me and I am sooooooo excited about this discovery, truly my new FAVORITE diy party decoration. My main source for this idea was this momma's giant print for her boy's super hero room. And here's the shocking awesomeness of all awesomes: that print I made only cost me $4.99!!! Plus, those pics are from my phone and they're super-clear!!
Tip for making newspaper print: So, I use picnik (which is leaving me soon :( sad). And I was super confused on how to get the "blank canvas" to start my newspaper. So, if you are confused about that too, I'll try to break it down. You need to just open any high res. picture in picnik. Portrait oriented, or you can crop it first. It doesn't matter what the picture is, because you'll be blanking it out. In the edit bar you click stickers and then on the left you click Geometric (under Basic). Then you place a rectangle sticker over your whole picture and color it white (or off-white or gray, whatever you want your newspaper to be). Now you have a blank one **Just remember when you save this to save it as a new copy so that the original picture you opened doesn't get changed**. Then in the bottom left corner there is a tab that says photo basket and you can add your photos to your paper. I used additional rectangle stickers to create spaces or lines as I needed them (the black line under my title is actually just a really skinny rectangle sticker).
But you don't have to make a newspaper, you can print just a solid picture even!

Basically all you have to do edit your pic how you'd like and upload it to Staples website for prints and order an engineer print! Mine was 36" x 48" which was the largest available size I saw.

I think my jaw hit the floor when the man at the Staples counter unrolled it to show me, I never expected the quality to be so great! Prints can only be in black and white and it's just on regular ol' paper (like computer paper). But for a party that is absolutely perfect! I foresee many many many of these in my party-planning future!

So, seriously folks, $5 bucks! Go make a poster!!!
Part 2: Photo Numbers
I saw this idea on pinterest (of course), it's Martha Stewart (of course). You can do this for any age and if your a couponer, a sweet deal on 4"x6" prints seems to always pop up every couple of weeks. I got 99 4"x6" prints for 2.99 via a Snapfish promotion, and almost used them all between the two giant numbers. You could do this directly on the wall, but I cut a giant 3-0 out of 59 cent posterboard first and then laid out my photos and secured with double-sided tape. Sooooo, this whole project was less than $5 bucks!

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