Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days to Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Ways to Christma-tize your home!

Would you believe that I sometimes have a hard time embracing the Christmas spirit.  It's true, sometimes all it takes is a cozy smell or a sweet Christmas song to jolt me back into gear!  Spend sometime today to think of little touches you can make in your home to add some Christmas sparkle to your life this season.  Here's my idea list, would love to hear yours!!

  • Christmas Scented Hand soaps, lotions, bodywash (hello Bath & Body Works!! Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel are my absolute faves! who wouldn't want to smell like food ;) haha the only time of year this feels legit!)
  • Frosted Bathroom Mirrors (big bang for little buck)
  • Christmas Home Fragrances (scentsy, wax melts, whatever! Winter candle/wallflower at Bath & Body Works smells exactly like Christmas, I love it so much!!!)
  • Holiday/Winter printed sheets
  • Change out your couch pillows for Christmas ones
  • Hang Christmas lights indoors in unexpected places (i.e. above kitchen cabinets, around headboard, coat rack, etc.)
  • Wear Christmas Socks
  • Christmas music ring tone
  • Change out the framed photos in your house with photos from holidays past (I did this last year and it was sooooooo fabulous!!  I loved enjoy my holiday photos in a large format every day!)
  • Christmas themed Desktop Wallpaper

Are you following along with my 31 days to get a jump start on Christmas?  Click to image below to see other posts in this series

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