Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days To Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Clean out Pantry & Fridge

Christmas (and Thanksgiving first!!) means a whole heap of ingredients, treats, leftovers, etc. are going to need a place in your food storage areas!  In the past I've merely crammed these things on top of what was already precariously stacked and squeezed in my too-small spaces, but this year I'm planning ahead.  I'm going to do a brutal and thorough clean and organize of both my fridge and pantry to make room for the holiday extras (and also, they could just plan use it!!).  We currently have a local food drive going with collection bins at our Walmart and various other centers, this is a good opportunity to clear out the canned and dry goods that are not yet expired and that we can spare, even if there is not a current drive in your area (although I think this time of year there's bound to be) you can make a quick call to your local food bank for a drop off time and location.  Two bonuses: help those who are hungry and gain prime storage real estate!

With your nice clean and organized spaces you'll be ready for holiday baking chaos to commence and maybe this time the mess won't get out of hand :P  (maybe . . . )


Here are some of the coolest pantry organization tips I found:

source: i heart organizing (I'm ADDICTED to this blog)

My tip (with no cute pictures): grab some dollar store organizing bins (they have the cutest plastic ones in like every color!!!) for your fridge, I did this last week and it has transformed the way we store food in the fridge for a total of like $5!!  Love it!!


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