Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days to Get A Jump Start On Christmas: Christmas Eve Box

This is a really fun tradition that I highly recommend.  Chances are you've seen this floating around in blog and pinterest land.  Basically, in lieu of the "open 1 gift on Christmas eve" tradition that many of us grew up with, you have a designated gift or box to open containing a collection of Christmas goodies (jams, mugs and cocoa, popcorn, new book and/or movie, etc.) to have a cozy Christmas Eve night with the family!  You need not have kids for this either :)  Plus, the big bonus is that this is also a tradition that you could get accomplished well ahead of time (last year I was at the store Christmas Eve trying to make this happen :/ haha).  The fact of the matter is the Christmas stuff is slowly creeping on the shelves and racks already :P  


Are you following along with my 31 days to get a jump start on Christmas?  Click to image below to see other posts in this series

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