Monday, November 26, 2012

12 Nights of Must-Watch Holiday Movies: Mickey's Christmas Carol

The Movie:
Dicken's Christmas Carol has really stood the tests of time when it comes to holiday classics.  My favorite version?  Mickey's Christmas Carol.  It's the story you know, a grumpy old Scrooge given the chance to see the errors of his way and turn things around on Christmas, as told by an array of Disney characters.  

Why it's a must-watch:
It condenses the classic Christmas tale into a family-friendly, enjoyable little half hour!  Watching a seemingly hopelessly horrible Ebenezer Scrooge have a drastic change of heart and awake Christmas morning bursting with generosity and goodwill all in about 25 minutes is the perfect shot of Christmas Spirit at its best.  It's also fun to watch for all the Disney "cameos" from other movies and stories!

My rating:
Family friendly with little bits of scary. (It's super short so you can watch it first to be sure)
If you're familiar with The Christmas Carol you already know there's a little bit of scary going on, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his partner and 3 spirits.  That being said, as this is for kids it's pretty mild.  If you're interested, I'll breakdown the scary factor:
The first ghost is played by Goofy and while there is a little bit of spooky "ooo"-ing,  it is paired with all the silliness and clumsiness that Goofy is known for. The Ghost of Christmas Past is Jimeny Cricket and not scary or ghost-like in any way.  The Ghost of Christmas Present is played by a giant who is also friendly and unscary.  The Ghost of Christmas Future is Pete and the most unfriendly of them all (he's wearing a death-like robe).  You briefly see the Cratchets (Mickey & Minnie) sadly standing by the grave of their son, Tiny Tim (this is in a glimpse of the future), which can be upsetting and there is also a brief scary scene where Scrooge is falling into his grave (it is quickly transformed to him in his bedroom awaking from the dream) but it can be a little too intense for small ones.  
Again, if you're familiar with the story you know any sadness is reversed by an explosion of love & goodwill at the end :)

Your Holiday Movie Night:
Make these cute and easy Oreo Mickey pops!  

After watching think of some ways you can spread some Christmas joy to others (maybe making cards for a nursing home, buying a toy to donate, etc.).

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  1. yes, I love the cameos. Especially the giant from Jack and Beanstalk. I love when he can't say "pistachio".



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