Friday, November 23, 2012

12 Nights of Must Watch Holiday Movies: The Holiday

The Movie:
I can't quite put my finger in it but it seems like I, in general, love movies that take place in or have anything to do with England.  Then if it goes so far as England + Christmas, it's a sure winner :)  So obviously, I was destined to love this movie.  I always see this in the $5-7 dollar bins at stores and want to buy it for everyone :) 

This is the cute romantic story of two women (one in London & one in Los Angeles) who trade homes for Christmas.  That's all I'm giving you because you must watch it!  

Why It's a must watch:
Christmas romance at its best!!!  This is a super lovable romantic comedy.  Not quite the cheesy, perfect-packaged romance of the Hallmark movies, there's some heartache and difficulties too making for a more believable story (so you'll likely be able to get a non-sappy other to watch and enjoy it with you :P).  

My "Rating":
This movie is rated PG 13 and that seems about right to me.  There's a very little bit of bad language and maybe 2 scenes in bed (they're not sex scenes and no nudity, but you realize that had just happened).  It's really a quite pleasantly mild movie, in my opinion. 

You're Movie Night:
Unless you have older kids, you're probably going to save this one for a date night or ladies night :)  To make it special serve some English candies or snacks.  You can hit up your local Costplus World Market or order online.  Here are some of my favorites:


I hope you're enjoying my series on 12 Must Watch Holiday Movies!  Click the picture below for the other posts in this series so far:

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