Monday, November 19, 2012

12 Nights of Must Watch Holiday Movies: Introduction

My first Christmas-themey series starts tonight!

Part of gearing up for an ultimate Christmas holiday has always included an arsenal of the best of the best (in my opinion) holiday movies.  I've compiled a collection of these ol' trusties that I can come to year after year for a generous dose of warm fuzzies, laughter, and Christmas cheer.

My very exclusive list of MUST WATCH Christmas movies has been fine tuned over probably the past 2 decades.  The current combination is garunteed to put you in the mood if you're not feeling Christmas-y yet.  I can garuntee each movie will get a minimum of 2 viewings (I'm lying, it's more many more) in my house before the season is through :)  

For each of the next 12 Nights I'm going to share one of these must-watchers with you along with all the tips you need including snacks, crafts, or date ideas to make each night a fabulous movie night in your house. There's a few that are surely already on your list, but maybe some you haven't seen.  Hopefully you'll be able to adopt a few of these Holiday Movie Nights in your house this season! 

See you tonight!
Click the photo above or to the right for all current must watch holiday movie posts :)

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