Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hosting a Soup Swap Party

One last hurrah for Fall before I dive all-in Christmas is my annual Soup Swap Party!

A soup swap party is basically where guests are invited to make and bring 6 separate qts. of their favorite soup (frozen) to trade with others (almost exactly like a holiday cookie swap party).

This is a fairly easy gathering to organize and it's sure to be a big hit with your guests.  There's still time for you to pull this off, here's how:

Part 1:
You should give your guests at least a week and a half notice (although 2+ would be better).  I do a preliminary facebook invite to find out who can make it before I deliver my invitation packets.

Part 2:
After your facebook RSVPs are received, then hit up a restaurant supply store for qt. containers and lids (enough for 7 per guest remember yourself!).  I also bought really tiny (like 1-2 oz.) cups for samples should my guests bring some extra for sampling.  I found very basic gift bags for 75 cents a piece and grabbed a package of pumpkin scrapbook stickers to fall-i-tize them :)  I also bought some Printable label sheets (I picked ones that have 10 per page so I could just include a whole page in each packet) so that guests can label their soups.  *I've also seen "hello my name is:___" labels used and it was cute!  
Each gift bag invitation packet is packed with 7 qt. containers, 7 lids, 1 sheet of labels, and party information (printed on card, or handwritten on bag)

Sample Info Text:
Join us for an Autumn Soup Swap hosted by ___________.
Date & Time
Make, Freeze, and Bring 6 qts. of your favorite soup to swap with others and go home with 6 yummy new soups to try.
If you'd like, use the extra container to bring some of your soup unfrozen for sampling.

NOTE: You definitely don't have to provide containers, you could just have everybody bring there own or even provide qt. size freezer bags.  I sorta love how all the soups look lined up in the same container but that's just the party planner in me :)

Party Decor:
Keep it simple and play off your fall theme.  You need a large long table with a table cloth where guests can display their soups.

Last year I made a wreath by hot gluing plastic spoons together, similar to this one, only spray painted it gold.

I made a large letter banner spelling Let's Swap Soup with my cricut.

I also used large used Campbell soup cans as flower vases.

True story though:  No body will care if you keep decor to a minimal, so it's up to you!

img source Pinterest

The Party:
If you're feeding your guests, of course make some soup!  Last year I made tomato soup and grilled cheese shooters. Again, simple simple: soup and bread, or crackers!

Once all guests have arrived, gather together for a "intro of the soups" each guest takes a turn introducing both themselves and their soup!

Then everyone draws numbers and you begin the soup swap.  The guest that drew number 1 will get to pick their first soup, then number 2 will pick theirs and so on.  You'll do six rounds of picking and then guests should each have 6 new qts. of soup to try!

Cute Touches (super optional!):
If you wanted to go all out you could make your own tote bags for guests to take their soups home in (think big though, like the reusable grocery style kind).  You could also make some cute baggies of oyster crackers or individually wrapped breads to accompany their new stock of soups!

Whatever level of effort you decide to put in, your soup swap is sure to be a fun fall gathering for all your friends!  And the bonus is you'll get to remember the good time every time you reach in your freezer for a hassle-free soupity meal!

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