Monday, May 21, 2012

Afternoon Art: Painting with Celery & Apples

It's warm and rainy out today, sweet A is settled in for a long afternoon nap, and Y and I have time to do an afternoon art project together.  Today's inspiration was determined by the bunch of celery that was living in my refrigerator drawer and had just passed that point where it's a little too flexible to want to eat :)  I've been wanting to set Y loose with some fruit and veggie stamps, and today was the day!  *You can use potatoes or experiment with other produce too, we just went for a clean cut of the end of the celery bunch and an apple.

The awesome rose design that the celery makes is seriously so cool that I think I might have enjoyed our art time more than Y today.  It even had the dreamer in me wondering if there was a way I could perfect the technique into a wall treatment that could give the feel of the Oh Joy! wallpaper that I adore beyond words and can't afford (somebody stop me before I paint my living room with celery!!).

While I was enchanted with the designs our celery and apple stamps were making, Y couldn't resist taking the process a step further:

I love taking time to just chill and watch those little creative wheelies in her head start spinning,  the process is always as fun as the products are lovely!  

I'm impressed with how low-key this project was, it really wouldn't be so hard to bust out the paints and paper every time I've got a celery end to discard :)  And if you keep it at just veggies you have no brushes to wash at the end!  Wouldn't this be a nice way to keep 'em occupied while you do food prep?

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  1. That's beautiful! :) Great idea with the wiggly celery!



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