Friday, January 13, 2012

My Word of the Year

Over at The Lettered Cottage, Layla is throwing a word of the year linky party Like a resolution, only wrapped up into one little word. A single word mission statement, a reminder of what you’re striving towards this year. Being the sucker for all the profound goal making and introspective thinking that happens this time of year, I had to jump on board.

My word of the year, I’ve decided will be sparkle (seemed appropriate to the blog and then the more I thought about it, to my life too).

To me, sparkle invokes the ideas of beauty, intrigue, joy, specialness. It’s a quality that can be given to something with care and effort.

img source The Glitter Guide

This year I want to do things and create moments that will make my girls eyes sparkle.

I want to take time to just spend with my husband and make my marriage sparkle as if it were brand new.

I want to just plain get rid of stuff and give my home the ability to be sparkly clean, organized and clutter-free.

I want to create things that make me or the recipient smile! Perhaps it won’t all literally sparkle in the glitter-coated sense, but I hope each thing sparkles with a little specialness and that thoughtfulness comes through in my creations.

img source

I want to focus on things that are happy and beautiful in my life and maybe reflect some of the joy I’ve been so blessed to receive. I want to serve. I want to sparkle for the people in my life.


  1. i love that word! and i love what you plan to do with it! may 2012 sparkle brightly for you!

  2. Oh, this is a beautiful word and lovely sparkly post! ♥♥♥

  3. I love your word and have signed up to follow your blog. I also enjoyed all the different ways you are planning to SPARKLE! My word is FUN since I don't know how to do it very well! lol Looking forward to hearing more about all the "sparkling" you do in the weeks to come!

    Hugs, Karen

    PS: I'll be decluttering a lot too and want my home to "sparkle" too!!!

  4. LOVE. Great word. Fabulous goals. :)



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