Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snowman Pizza

Here's another activity you can totally do with little littles and like almost all good ideas, I originally saw this one on Pinterest. It was our 2nd day on the activity advent calendar and these Snowman Pizzas were too much fun!

I would definitely try this out if you have little ones, or older ones ( you could get really fancy here with more toppings!)

First, I want to do a mini-commercial for Fleischmann's Pizza Dough yeast packets: WOW! awesome and easy recipe using all purpose flour with no NO time needed for rising, and tastes great!!!! After seeing how easy making pizza dough this way was, my husband and I have decided to install a weekly family pizza night into our schedule!! Plus, my picky picky eaters are more apt to eat well if they've been involved in the process :)

So, mamma made the crust and strategically built the snowman shape on the cookie sheet and put on the store-bought alfredo sauce. Then set the girls up with small bowls of cheese, olives and a carrot and let them loose :) My 1 year old mostly just ate the toppings, although I saw her place a couple black olive buttons. But Miss Y, who is 3, took her job quite seriously and the results really showed. This activity took less than half an hour and then 12 minutes of baking time. Super easy and super rewarding.

I was minorly worried we'd come to a crisis when we ate the head, but she didn't seem to notice :) haha

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