Monday, December 5, 2011

raindrops on roses . . .

I've been reading about My Favorite Things Parties around the blog circut, and they sound like so much fun!! I've already jumped all-in with an Ugly Sweater Party this year, but am filing this under a Someday MUST! In the meantime I thought I would take a little ride on the bandwagon and tell you MY favorite things ($30 or less) and ps: material things, let it be given that my true favorites are still sleeping and giving me time to write this blog post!

Love Actually

Love it. Named a child after a character in it.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

oh, how I love you, Grande Decaf (or sometimes not) PSL. You almost smell as good as you taste and if you weren't nearly $5 a pop, I'd probably have one each and every day that you're here . . . maybe more :)

Twisted Peppermint anything from Bath & Body Works!

although they've began rationing it, I'm told they only carried the lotion for like a week this year and they're not bringing it back till next!! what?!?!?! I totally missed it this year :( i'm crying

Pureology Smoothing Cream

I am only half Caucasion and my hair is ALL ethnic, frizzy, islander. When I find something that settles it down, it's worth the $29 a bottle! (except wait a sec, I just found it for under $20 online! love a deal!!)

How I Met Your Mother
I fell in love with this show only a year ago and spent all summer catching up on every last episode. I am convinced that it is the best show on TV! I love looking for crazy clues to who the mother is, but I'm over wanting them to meet, because that means the end of this fantastic show. My kids call it "bum bum bum" because they recognize and sing the intro :)

There's my silly list, what's yours??

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  1. How they can only bring back a scent for such a small amount of time makes NO sense to me!

  2. I love How I Met Your Mother! I feel the same way about the mother actually being introduced - they can wait! Do you think the mother could be Victoria (aka Cupcake Girl)?


  3. I sorta think it's someone random, and really, I've been so enveloped with the whole who is Barney marrying mystery way more lately :) haha!

  4. My hubby and I ADORE Love Actually also! We've met a few people who totally didn't get it and hated it! We make a point to convert people to loving it whenever we have the opportunity.



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