Thursday, February 21, 2013

Impress Your Kids: Turn their favorite bedtime story into a nightgown (or shirt)

Here's a project that's sure to knock the socks of your little ones!!! (maybe even the not-so-little ones too!)

**If you have boys or simply don't want to sew, change it up and just transfer the image to a ready-made child sized tshirt!  Same affect!!**

What You Need:

Adult size tshirt in plain white (I got mine at JoAnn's for 3/$9)*I used the "junior fit" shirt because I prefer the neckline*
Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper (this stuff is awesome!!! gone are the days of shiny hard iron-on transfers!!)
Your Favorite Bedtime Story
A well-fitting nightgown or at least a tshirt to use as a template

To Sew the Easy Nightgown:

1.  Turn tshirt inside out and lay flat on a surface
2.  Lay the nightgown or shirt over the adult shirt with sleeves tucked under (not shown, see next pic): also I'm using both  a tshirt and nightgown as a template (shirt for sleeves and gown for angle of body)

3.  Cut outside of the shirt "template"

4.  Cut sleeves using the sleeves of the shirt as a template (make sure you keep the hemmed edge in tact (saves you the step!)

5.  Pin and sew up sides (leaving hole for arms).

6.  Pin new smaller sleeve into new arm hole with right sides facing and sew.

7.  Yay!  Shirt is now nightgown!!

For your Image:

1.  Scan your favorite image from the story.  I used to bump up the contrast for stronger colors.
2.  Print onto your transfer paper (be sure to remember to mirror the image before printing which is usually under the printing properties button, this only really matters if you have any kind of text in the picture).
3.  Cut closely around image, place and apply according to the directions with your transfer paper.

And there you go!  My girls were CRAZYYYYY for these!  When it all comes down to it, they really are my target audience for all these kid projects and this one totally succeeded in impressing them :)   


  1. THOSE. are adorabllllllllllle!
    Great job momma!

  2. so cute! Found you over at Tip Junkie! I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out!
    Melanie Reasons To Skip The Housework

  3. Ok, Bri, this is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I just love your tutorial, and am always happy to see new people sharing at For the Kids Fridays! I am featuring you this week, and would LOVE to have you back to share again (and you can grab a featured button to stick on your blog too). I've also pinned this to my Best of Pinterest board... and I may as well share on Facebook because it is just so darn cute! Thanks for sharing at Sun Scholars!!! xoxox

  4. I love these! I will have to do that for my kids with their favorite bedtime stories. Thanks for the inspiration.



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