Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Nights Of Must-Watch Holiday Movies: Love Actually

The Movie:
This one is in a gridlock tie for my favorite movie of all time, it's that good!  We named one of our children after a character in our favorite story line, it's that good!  It is a compilation of interwoven love stories all taking place at Christmastime.  There's a lot of love, some heartbreak, a lot of laughter.  The heading across the top of this picture labeling it the "ultimate romantic comedy" is really not that far off. 

Why it's a must-watch:
1.  For starters, it's like 10 movies (funny, cute, good, sad, heartwarming movies) wrapped up into 1 and BONUS all these plot-lines are tumbling towards an amazingly climactic Christmas!  
2.  Also: Hugh Grant <3, Collin Firth *swoon*, Rowan Atkinson :).
3.  Multiple proclamations of love including an unrequited one that will have you in tears and probably the best/most epic proposal scene of all time.
4.  Really, really good soundtrack (you'll probably go buy it after you watch this)
5.  Cutest wedding surprise (you'll totally want to swipe this for your next friend that gets married):
and so many many many more reasons!

My Rating:
NOT kid-friendly, it's rated R.  There's a small handfull of F*bombs and a couple of pretty racey scenes including some nudity (to be fare, the "sex" scenes are between an adorably polite and awkward pair of strangers that are stand ins for a movie, but still sex scenes none the less).  This is definitely one you'll want to watch after your kiddos tuck in for the night.

Your Movie Night:
No, no fancy craft idea or clever food here :)  Just order some takeout and have a Christmas Date-Night in!

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