Monday, July 9, 2012

fruit of my recent crochet labors

My dear friends' little girl turned 7 this past weekend and her super crafty mama threw her a FABULOUS Lalaloopsy themed party.  I took the opportunity to get my crochet and made her  this lalaloopsy inspired hat complete with awesome crochet corkscrew hair!!  Super fun to make!!!
 . . . . I am feeling a bit nostalgic that the little miss was turning 7 . . . time flies exceptionally fast when you have tiny growing people to constantly remind you!


  1. Hi Bri,

    I found a picture of your adorable hat on Pinterest with the description of a Free Pattern. Could you tell me where I might find the pattern?

    You did an amazing job!

    Thank you kindly,


    1. Hi Robin
      Thanks so much for your kind words, unfortunately that pin was mislabeled as I never had a pattern included with this picture/post. To be honest I did not even use one, but if you have basic crochet skills you should be able to knock one out without :) Basically I just made a simple double crochet hat starting with the hair color and then switching to the skin color. Then I found a youtube tutorial for the corkscrew spirals and made 4 (two for each pigtail attached at the center making for 4 spirals on each side). The eyes are just big buttons and the cheeks are small crocheted circles. It was pretty basic and all based off crocheting a circle . . . hope that's helpful!!!

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  3. Cute! What Colors did you use?

  4. Cute! What colors



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