Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Everything Christmas: Step By Step Easy Photo Gift Wrap

This is an extension post to my portion of the White Box Challenge on how to easily and very cheaply get your own custom black and white photo gift wrap :)

I'll try to be super thorough but some of this might be silly redundant (sorry!):

To Create Your Photo Paper

  1. Go to Picmonkey.com
  2. Click on "Create A Collage" at the top of the page
  3. On the left under Layouts choose Square Deal and choose the 4 squares by 4 rows option.
  4. Click The Photos icon and click "open photos" to upload the photos you want to be on your paper.  I only chose 4 and repeated them in a pattern, but you can do whatever you want.
  5. Since the roll of paper I was going for was a size 18"x24" I only filled 3 of the columns.
  6. Once you have filled the 3 columns full of your pictures you can click on the little artist's pallete icon on the left and adjust your spacing in between the photos and whether or not you want the corners rounded.  You might also choose some level of gray for the background *remember these will be black and white so you can't choose a color*
  7. At this point save your collage as a .jpg file.
  8. Once it's saved click the X in the right corner which will take you back to the picmonkey front page, now click "Edit A Photo" and open your collage.
  9. Using the crop tool you can type in your dimensions and crop off the unused column for a rectangluar proportioned picture.  
  10. You can also change your collage to black and white so you can tell what it will look like, add any text or other items (they've got some cute Christmas/Winter themed graphics right now).  I added the "snowfall" effect by clicking the snowflake at the bottom of the left column and then clicking Winterland at the top.
  11. Once you have edited it to your liking save the image.  You can change the dimensions as you're saving to 2700x3600 pixels.  Save as a .jpg file
To Print Your Photo Paper:

  1. Go to Staples Copy & Print Page
  2. Click Oversized Prints
  3. Click "Begin" under Engineer Prints
  4. A Screen will pop up where you will make and view your paper.  Click the blue "Add File" to upload the completed paper you saved (step 11 above).
  5. Make sure you have your quantity and pages both set to 1 (mine is defaulting to 3)
  6. Under "Print Options" Click "Media" to choose your size (I chose 18x24 for only $1.79 to fit a standard shirt box).  MAKE SURE YOU check the box that says "Fit Content to Paper" and change your orientation to Portrait and you should see your roll of paper ready to go!
  7. Click Add To Cart and check out.  You can pay in store or pay online with a credit card.  Be sure to pic a date that does not have a rush charge (2 days out for me, however they finished it and I got the email saying it was ready to be picked up that same day).  They'll email you when it's ready! :)

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